18-Aug-2018Bronx, NY +20 milesItems Wanted
Case if anyone has an extra
18-Aug-2018Bronx, NY +20 milesItems Wanted
If anyone has a paper shredder i would love to come pick up i have some bags of mail i would like to toss without personal information of them.
18-Aug-2018Stamford, CT +6 milesItems Wanted
in good condition please
18-Aug-2018Huntington, NY +17 milesItems Wanted
Hello! If you have any plastic storage containers with lids that you re not in need of I d love to take them off your hands.
18-Aug-2018Huntington, NY +17 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a robotic pool vacuum for my parents. They are older and it s too much for them to take care of on their own. Thank you!! Please respond to this post if you or someone you know has one and is willing to part with it thanks!
18-Aug-2018Stamford, CT +6 milesItems Wanted
Hello I'm looking for a full size bed. If someone has one that they no longer need, please let me know. Thank you.
18-Aug-2018Westport, CT +20 milesItems Wanted
I'm looking for items for my Drawing 1 classes at Weston High School to practice still life. Baskets, Large sea shells, Vases, jugs, old hand tools, typewriters, driftwood, old fashioned dolls, fake fruit, skulls/bones, musical instruments, old shoes, seed pods, etc. Already have wine bottles. Respond with what you have. I will be able to pick up Tuesday all day. Thanks in advance!
17-Aug-2018Huntington, NY +17 milesItems Wanted
Need to make sitting area for older woman. Need table for puzzles and board games.
17-Aug-2018Huntington, NY +17 milesItems Wanted
Hello everyone, I m looking for Tomatoe cages. Please if anyone has that they no longer need let me know, I ll come pickup. Thank you.
17-Aug-2018White Plains, NY +9 milesItems Wanted
I lost my cell phone. If you happen to have an older cell phone that you no longer use, please let me know. Verizon or Boost would work best, but I can use one from any other carrier as well. Thank you in advance.
17-Aug-2018Wilton, CT +17 milesItems Wanted
ISO a Self-Cleaning Electric Cat Litter Box.
17-Aug-2018Wilton, CT +17 milesItems Wanted
Moving from a furnished apt to a non-furnished! looking for a sofa & love seat/chair, Queen bed and tall dresser for abt OCTOBER 1st
17-Aug-2018Huntington, NY +17 milesItems Wanted
Hello! If anyone has children's bedroom furniture that they need off their hands, I can pick up quickly. Any children's armoires/dressers laying around that you no longer need? Not in need of a bed. Thank you!
16-Aug-2018Stamford, CT +6 milesItems Wanted
Need to box up a lot of stuff, thanks in advance!
16-Aug-2018Westport, CT +20 milesItems Wanted
red color preferred. thanks Mary
16-Aug-2018Wilton, CT +17 milesItems Wanted
red color preferred
16-Aug-2018Wilton, CT +17 milesItems Wanted
Looking for American flag items-socks, shirts, actual flags, anything "American", pins most of all. Thanks!
16-Aug-2018Westport, CT +20 milesItems Wanted
In need of a floor lamp for my daughters college dorm . Thanks in advance for any consideration JMR
16-Aug-2018Huntington, NY +17 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a wheelchair with leg rests for my daughter with special needs.
16-Aug-2018Huntington, NY +17 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a toddler bed for my 3-year-old son.
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